Why Prestige Carpets?

Why Prestige Carpets?


Prestige Carpet

Home is the starting place of love , hope , success and dream. Home where love resides, memories are created , friends always belong and laughter never end . Prestige Carpet knows the values and importance of your dream home , we know the importance of every single thing in your home. Prestige Hand Tufted carpet contribute to complete your home , Design luxury carpet is one of the essential part of your place , which you can design with us and become a creator of your own idea in shape of carpet “ A Unique master piece .

Prestige Carpet is:

Custom Made

Any Design

Limitless Color

Comfortable Under Feet Underfloor Heating Compatible

Easy Clean/ Maintenance

1.Unrivalled Choice

With Prestige you have an unrivalled choice of long-lasting carpets, Design or Abstract flooring. Through our adaptable collections you can mix and match multilevel patterns or experiment with colors and ideas to give you Endless combinations.

2.Designed In UAE & Made in P.R China

Design talent, innovative manufacturing processes and detailed craftsmanship are at the heart of Prestige Carpet. With a solid reputation for expertise and skill, our luxury flooring is crafted at our specialist factory in Jiangsu, China, and known around the world for its genuine provenance and quality.

3.Durability & Protection

Prestige uses the industry’s most technically advanced system. The world-leading Multiple Performance manufacturing System gives underfoot comfort and high resistance to wear and its crowning feature is our 100% New Zealand Wool, High performance wool enhances durability and is easy to clean.

4.Perfect & Define Finish

All Prestige Carpets and tiles are finished with expert craftsmanship without any flaws. Each Carpet is precisely Followed by exact measurement, so when fitted they make a 'Perfect' shape, creating a more defined finish.


Highly self quality control system, starting from the raw material to the following every step of the production, very small defect will cause a restart work, ERP system are strictly auctioned in the quality control system, even after 5 years, if the complain does exist we can source out the single process. Prestige Carpet has its own yarn processing & yarn dying factory in order to ensure the quality of yarn and color fastness as printer national standards and use the dye stuff imported from Switzerland. We have religiously devoted ourselves into the research & development, production, marketing and after-sales service of custom made Hand Tufted Carpets as wells as Ax minster Carpets. Through our business strategy we aim to be the leading carpet provider across all our markets and different customer segments. Our focus on operational excellence,innovation,geographic and channel expansion and communications enables us to achieve our goals.

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